Delray Beach

Delray Beach is the name of this town of 65,000 as well as the name of the beach. It’s my first visit here, but not my last. The downtown area is active with nightlife, has two Starbucks, and lots of really interesting art galleries. The beach is just a short walk from downtown.

It’s great for stealth overnight parking, in a general area where this lifestyle is challenging. There are plenty of unmetered parking spaces within a couple of blocks of downtown, and within 5 blocks of the beach. And the parking places are without the usual signs telling you all the ways you can park illegally and get towed.

Temps are in the low 80’s during the day and the low 70’s during the night, which is just about right.

I’m looking forward to meeting some humane educators a little later this week, as well as early next week.

Last year I biked from Hollywood FL to the Southeastern tip of Miami, exploring the beaches and towns along the way. I plan to repeat that trek on Saturday.