A Sublime Experience

A Sublime Experience

At one of the Birmingham Vegans meetups, Sandra suggested I pay a visit to Sublime Vegan Restaurant in Ft Lauderdale on my road trip. So I visit their web site and I see testimonials from Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin, Bob Barker, Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, and others. I had heard it’s a famous place, but I decided to go anyway.

That’s my waiter Ernesto in the picture, accompanied by a lady in training.

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Walking Miami Beaches

Walking Miami Beaches

I spent a few hours today walking around Haulover and Miami Beaches.  My plan was to drive along the beaches to see what the area was like, then park in a Publix lot a few miles away and explore the beach area via bicycle.  But the roads were not bike friendly.  So when I saw the first “Beach Parking” sign I pulled in. That was Haulover.  Later in the day I parked in a lot close to North Miami beach and started walking again.

It was the kind of day where the sun was hot but the shade was cool.  The beige sand was speckled with black sand.  And the sand was deep enough to sink in with every step.  The pictures are mostly just typical beach pictures – nothing special.

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Very Vegan Miami Meetup

After leaving Bahia Honda State Park, I stopped at a Tom Thumb in Key Largo to fill up and try to figure out where the heck to go next, and where I might sleep for the night. I thought I remembered from some earlier googling that there was a vegan meetup happening somewhere in the area.

I found that the meetup was at 6:30 at  Alaska Coffee in North Miami.  Siri told me I could make it in time, but barely.  So I lucked out.  I had a great time with the very first Very Vegan Miami Meetup.  The organizer Janay and all the folks were great.  Not only that,  Alaska Coffee’s Jose gave me permission to overnight in the parking lot.


A Visit to Bahia Honda State Park

A Visit to Bahia Honda State Park

Lazy Lakes and Key West were good to me, but it’s time to go. On the way back I came across Bahia Honda State Park. I had read a review that called it the most beautiful state park in Florida, so I decided to stop and see for myself. If all of the campsites weren’t taken, I would have stayed the night. Instead, I took the pictures you see here and headed on, without knowing exactly where I would go next or where I would overnight.

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Exploring Key West

Exploring Key West

Today I biked from Summerland Key to Key West, explored the area, and then rode back. This stretch of the Overseas Highway, as it’s called, is very bicycle friendly. For most of the distance, a separate side road was available for cyclists and pedestrians.

The wind was fierce. A strong tail wind on the way gave me illusions of grandeur. But I was put in my place on the way back by the headwind.

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This Site is Online Now

This site is mostly a personal journal.  Although you couldn’t reach this site until now, for the last few weeks when I posted to Facebook, I might also have posted here.  From the next non-trivial post on, I’ll post here first, and let a WordPress plugin automatically post to Facebook and Twitter.  I hope that works – we’ll see.

I’ve gone back and done some retro posting here from my Facebook entries.  And there are a few very old posts predating Facebook which were brought over from my old blog. It’s a work in progress – there are still some improvements and more retro posts to be done. Please bear with me while I get the kinks worked out.

One of the motivations for this is so Facebook won’t have an exclusive grip on what is essentially a personal diary and photos.  Who knows how long Facebook will be around, and what would replace it.

Campground at Summerland Key

I woke early this morning at 5 a.m. and drove from Pembroke Pines to Key Largo.  I stopped at a Starbucks at mile marker 100 to work a few hours before driving to my campsite at Summerland Key.  This is the campsite, overlooking Lazy Lake.  This is the first time I have stayed at a campground on this trip. I have full hookups (electricity, water, and sewer)  as well as wifi.  Tomorrow I plan to bicycle the 20 miles to Key West and explore.