Volunteering at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

Volunteering at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

DSC02678-ppI just spent 3 days volunteering at the Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary in South Carolina.  When visiting Charleston, I saw a meetup posted for a volunteer workday at the sanctuary, but that day was not the best for my plans, and so I called to see if they could use me earlier.

Law Ra (Laura) answered the phone.  Law Ra is German, with a slight British accent, probably from living in London so long.  Like I was soon to be, she is a temporary volunteer at the sanctuary. But unlike me, she knows what she is doing when it comes to animal care.  And she’s there much longer.
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Delray Beach

Delray Beach is the name of this town of 65,000 as well as the name of the beach. It’s my first visit here, but not my last. The downtown area is active with nightlife, has two Starbucks, and lots of really interesting art galleries. The beach is just a short walk from downtown.

It’s great for stealth overnight parking, in a general area where this lifestyle is challenging. There are plenty of unmetered parking spaces within a couple of blocks of downtown, and within 5 blocks of the beach. And the parking places are without the usual signs telling you all the ways you can park illegally and get towed.

Temps are in the low 80’s during the day and the low 70’s during the night, which is just about right.

I’m looking forward to meeting some humane educators a little later this week, as well as early next week.

Last year I biked from Hollywood FL to the Southeastern tip of Miami, exploring the beaches and towns along the way. I plan to repeat that trek on Saturday.


Vegan Soul Food in Englewood

Today I joined my good friend Debbie for a late lunch at what’s got to be one of the best vegan joints in the whole wide world. The place is called “Stuff I Eat” and it’s in Englewood. The owner Babette is as delightful as the food here. We had the Soul Food Platter (yams with coconut, potato salad, coleslaw, vegan mac and cheese, and barbecue tofu), the Croquette Plate (carrot croquette with polenta cakes, carrot gravy, spinach, and salad with avocado) served with buckwheat and corn muffin, black-eyed peas, kale greens, and pozole soup. I’ll be fasting tomorrow.

babette-and-debbie stuff-i-eat