DxE Action in Oakland

DxE Action in Oakland

A couple of days ago I joined Direction Action Everywhere for a protest outside a Chipotle Restaurant in Oakland.  Chipotle spends millions to promote an image of caring about the animals they are killing.  They are taking advantage of people’s sympathy toward animals by giving the impression that their products are humane. See this Salon article for more details.


There are more photos here and a video here.

Across the Country on a Bike

I finally scanned the pictures from my 1995 PAC tour ride. Over 60 of us rode over 2800 miles from San Diego to Charleston in 23 days – an average of 123 miles a day. My family, Doreen, and some friends at work came to see me and wish me well when we stopped in Florence Alabama.

The pictures are posted to my smugmug site and can be seen here.