Zion National Park Drive Thru Video

It was getting dark as I approached Zion National Park yesterday, so I found a little side road that dead-ended into an apparent campsite, about 500 yards off highway 9 — about 4 miles from the eastern park entrance. There was virtually no light pollution, and I think I saw more stars than I have ever seen.

I’ll annoy you with the location of the starry campsite, just so I’ll have it for future reference:

Outside Zion

In the morning I hooked up my Sony Action cam to a suction cup on the outside of the van, and recorded the beautiful drive through the park – from the east entrance to the visitor’s center.

I edited out some near-redundant stretches, some footage washed out by the sun, and the longer tunnel – except for the tunnel entrance and exit.

The idea of this post is to give you, and me as a memory, an idea what it was like to drive thru the park, with all the unique geological formations.

Here it is again just so you don’t have to scroll up:

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